amit jha Khinjali Mandal under the Bhanjas. A Study in Economic. Social and Political History

author amit jha
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This work, based on epigraphic evidences (37 inscriptions), is a very humble attempt to study the social history of Khinjali mandala region under the rule of Bhanja dynasty in early medieval Odisha. All the inscriptions are donative in nature and they indicate land grants of virgin or forest area- leading to deforestation and subsequently extension of agricultural lands. This work depicts tribals' holistic integration to the Brahmanical order ---- viz a. economically, tribals were peasantised in the agrarian system, b. socially, they were incorporated in the brahmanical 4 fold varna system, c. politically, tribal egalitarianism was substituted by hierarchical monarchy and d. lastly, the religious autochthonous deity (Stambheshswari) was also integrated to the Brahmanical pantheon (cult of Jagannath).

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