MD Richard Sheff Hey, Doc. Are you listening to YOUR heart.

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If you want to help change medicine, give this book to your doctor. Hey, Doc!, the true story of Dr. Richard Sheff’s personal journey through medical training as a family physician, shows us a new way to understand doctors (and ourselves as patients). “I knew then, as now, there is something terribly lacking in how we take care of patients and train physicians…Over two decades in medicine has taught me that the most potent tool for healing we as physicians have is our heart. But each of us must learn to listen to our own heart before we can touch and heal the hearts of our patients.” While this book is a must read for anyone considering a career in medicine, Hey,Doc! speaks to the patient in all of us. Readers will understand their own doctor and come away with new hope that, when sick and most vulnerable, they can be heard, understood, and touched by their physician. Dr. Sheff teaches us the surprising truth that, in their hearts, doctors yearn for the same connection with us.

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