Stewart Dunaway Confiscation Act and Pardon and Oblivion Act of North Carolina (1776-1812)

author Stewart Dunaway
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Where did the idea of confiscating both personal and real property originate? Was this unique to North Carolina? What was the purpose? Was it successful? These are some of the questions pertaining to this topic. Before answering these questions, the reader should have a basic overview of events, which is provided throughout this book. The topic of this book typically appears in general histories. However, nothing published to date delves into these topics as deep as this book. As with such a broad and old topic, it may lack some obscure documents in other historical societies or archives. Nevertheless, a lot of information was uncovered to provide an in depth review. This book uses only primary documents. If there are tradition and folklore discussions, they are clearly annotated as such. This author illustrates or answers as many questions - from both sides - to ensure a balanced review is provided. These illustrations or examples are also based on primary references (as much as possible).

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