Patricia and Edward Shillingburg Nicolls of Sachem.s Neck

author Patricia and Edward Shillingburg
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Stories of the Nicoll family members who lived between 1776 and 1899. They lived on Shelter Island, Manhattan Island, Bay Side and Mastic, New York. Charlotte Anne Nicoll, who lived from 1827 to 1891, saved about 350 letters primarily to tell the story of her disastrous marriage to Solomon Townsend Nicoll. From these letters we have been able to draw happier stories. The seven children of Sarah Brown Payne and Samuel Benjamin Nicoll (2) are featured. This book is particularly significant because the Nicoll family is important in Long Island's history but the papers of the Nicoll family in Islip burned when the Historical Society building burned and the Shelter Island papers were burned when two Nicoll sisters in the early 1930s burned the family papers when the property was to be sold to Otto Kahn.

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