UFO,Saxon,Thunder,Мит Лоуф,Сэмми Хагар,The Poison 6x6. Rock (6 CD)

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Альбомы UFO. 6x6. Rock,Saxon. 6x6. Rock,Thunder. 6x6. Rock,Meat Loaf. 6x6. Rock,Sammy Hagar. 6x6. Rock,Poison. 6x6. Rock
Альтернативное название 99 Original Recordings
Вес 155 г
Вид издания Подарочное
Высота упаковки 5 мм
Глубина упаковки 150 мм
Жанр Рок//Зарубежный рок//Метал,Рок//Зарубежный рок//Хард-рок,Рок//Зарубежный рок//Поп-рок
Запись Doctor Doctor,Crystal Light,Space Child,Out In The Street,This Kid's / Between The Walls,Shoot Shoot,I'm A Loser,Too Hot To Handle,Gettin' Ready,You Don't Fool Me,Pack It Up (And Go),Natural Thing,Only You Can Rock Me,Mother Mary,Mystery Train,Long Gone,Dreaming,Somethin' Else,Big Teaser,Backs To The Wall,Motorcycle Man,747 (Strangers In The Night),Wheels Of Steel (Live),See The Light Shining,Suzie Hold On,20,000 Ft,Dallas 1 Pm,Never Surrender,And The Bands Played On,Denim And Leather,Power And The Glory,Crusader,Little Bit Of What You Fancy,Live Fast Die Young,Rock The Nations,Ride Like The Wind,Dirty Love,Gimme Some Lovin',An Englishman On Holiday,Don't Wait For Me,She's So Fine (Live At The Town And Country Club),Higher Ground (Live At The Town And Country Club),Low Life In High Places,Long Way From Home,Everybody Wants Her,Today The World Stopped Turning,Castles In The Sand,Moth To The Flame,Preaching From A Chair,In A Broken Dream,River Of Pain,Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through,It Just Won't Quit,Everything Louder Than Everything Else,Lost Boys And Golden Girls,I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth),Original Sin,Runnin' For The Red Light (I Gotta Life),Left In The Dark,Where Angels Sing,Heaven Can Wait,Midnight At The Lost And Found,Dead Ringer For Love,Urban Guerilla,Turn Up The Music,Straight From The Hip Kid,Hey Boys,Red,Cruisin' And Boozin',Fillmore Shuffle,Rock 'N' Roll Weekend,Hungry,Pits, The,I've Done Everything For You,Child To Man,Feels Like Love,Never Say Die,This Planet's On Fire (Burn In Hell),Space Station No. 5,Miles From Boredom,Run For Your Life,I Want Action,Talk Dirty To Me,Look What The Cat Dragged In,Good Love,Love On The Rocks,Your Mama Don't Dance,Fallen Angel,Valley Of Lost Souls,Ride The Wind,Unskinny Bop,Every Rose Has Its Thorn,Nothin' But A Good Time,Something To Believe In,Scream, The,Until You Suffer Some (Fire And Ice),Stand,Lay Your Body Down,Best Thing You Ever Had
Издание Импортное
Тип упаковки Картонная коробка
Ширина упаковки 130 мм

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