Hawkwind Hawkwind. The Dream Goes On (3 CD)

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Альбомы Hawkwind. The Dream Goes On
Альтернативное название Hawkwind. The Dream Goes On. An Anthology 1985 - 1997
Вес 165 г
Вид издания Подарочное
Высота упаковки 20 мм
Глубина упаковки 150 мм
Жанр Рок//Зарубежный рок//Хард-рок,Рок//Зарубежный рок//Арт-рок. Прогрессив-рок
Запись Song Of The Swords,Shade Gate,Needle Gun,Zarozinia,Master Of The Universe,Dreaming City,Moonglum,Elric The Enchanter,Conjuration Of Magnu,Magnu,Dust Of Time,Cajun Jinx,The War I Survived,Heads,Lost Chronicles,Wastelands Of Sleep,Wings,Ship Of Dreams,T. V. Suicide,Images,Back In The Box,Treadmill,Lives Of Great Men,Void Of Golden Light,Eons (Snake Dance),Ejection,LSD,Mask Of Morning,The Secret Agent,Letting In The Past,The Camera That Could Lie,Space Is Their (Palestine),The Dream Goes On,Right To Decide,The Dream Has Ended,This Future,White Zone,Sputnik Stan,Death Trap,Alien I Am (The Roswell Edit),Love In Space,Lord Of Light,Distant Horizon,Phetamine Street,Waimeia Canyon Drive,Alchemy
Издание Импортное
Тип упаковки Подарочное оформление
Ширина упаковки 150 мм

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