Kurt Edward Fishback Knowing - A Study In Spiritual Genealogy

author Kurt Edward Fishback
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isbn 9781312467408
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This book contains the story of my ten year journey to understanding my true identity as a spiritual being having a human experience. A number of modalities were used to discover what I now know: shamanic journey, dream awareness, and past life regression both self-directed and using a professional hypnotherapist. This is my story and need be no one's else. The simple truth is that all this was shared with me through a desire to know myself and how I might be of service as an incarnated human being on Earth. The peace I have found is inestimable and also very simple. In truth, there are no words that can fully describe my experience or the "knowing" I have gained. The stories shared with me are layers of who I am and exist on paper to help my human mind make sense of what I feel and know on a much deeper level. It is my hope that the peace I have found can be of assistance as an example of what is possible to someone else.

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