Teddy Vandevis The Marsh and the Pyramids

author Teddy Vandevis
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isbn 9781329019577
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Born to Dutch immigrants, Teddy Vandevis' life began like any other young boy his age, but soon that life would have something more in store for him. This poignant memoir follows Teddy's story as he goes from playing pranks to working diligently, before he was a teenager, in both a grocery store and on an epic eight-mile paper route and doing the latter while enduring the harsh Canadian winters. He eventually saved enough money by age 9, to finance a trip for his father to visit Teddy's dying grandmother back in Holland, when his father was low on money, thus setting the stage for the kind of man he would become.His willingness to work hard, coupled with his desire for something greater led him on a journey that changed his life exponentially. The young man from good stock, whom Teddy has been able to trace back to the Pharaohs, and humble beginnings, grew to be a successful business leader and Chief Executive Officer.Follow the journey of growing up in the Canadian village of Holland Marsh.

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