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When reality is usually scoffed at & illusion is king, here is a true story of how one man served in four opposing armies in order to survive for six years of war.INTRIGUE, STOLEN GOLD, SURVIVAL, & ESPIONAGE were all part of Alex's instincts in helping to save hundreds of JEWS from both GESTAPO & N.K.V.D. REMAINING ONE STEP AHEAD OF DISCOVERY. Amazing TRUE STORY of how God used one man to survive World War II after both GERMANY & RUSSIA attacked Poland in September,1939. This book is based upon the original, unpublished, true story by George Barton, ""A TRAIL OF GOLD."" follows how Alex was the only survivor of the first trainload of ""humanitarian transport"" of 436 Jews from Poland to Switzerland as a COVER for stolen GOLD. He had to live under an assumed name after the war because of the threats from both Russian & German security forces who knew of Alex's exploits.Although the WAR biography is absolutely real, the ending is fiction. War criminals are still being pursued to this day, 70 years on.

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