P.y. Yang The Reservation Series. Morning Star

author P.y. Yang
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isbn 9781329833364
Вес 292 г
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The date is 3021 and the whole world has collided into one large country, much like how it was once a single land. The Pangaean nation has now become what is known as the United Reservation, where there is a single army, a single culture, and a single language. However, the society is threatened by a terrorist group that calls themselves the Radicals, and they kidnap citizens in the night to execute them one by one, causing a panic among the government. The first and most important mission of the soldiers is to stop the Radicals from their terrorist activities, even if it costs them their family or their life. When Theresa Starr, a high-appointed soldier of the U.R. gets sacked during a rescue mission, she finds herself in an unpredictable situation facing a squad of armed, masked and angry radicals. She finds herself watching as a camera is pointed in her direction and a woman in all black with a full frontal mask stands by with her hands clenched savagely around a sleek, iron sword.

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