Landry Hunt The System, Our Story

author Landry Hunt
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isbn 9781312899179
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TS,OS is Landry Hunt's first book that is sure to get you thinking about the future of America and what types of Tek we'll be using in the next 100 years. He combines Biography with Science Fiction with his extrapolations of how he sees the next century unfolding. His main characters Beth and Jeremiah are hometown love at first sight stories about themselves and how they got to where they are today. All of Jeremiah's friends help introduce us to new technologies he has invented and patented. Really it's a collection of short stories starring his best friends in life then he describes their past together and how they all intertwine to some extent. It's a lovely journey from the 80's to the 2070's where Jere and Beth fall in love and live to never die with all his technologies such as the Healing Rooms that defeats death itself. All the technologies are manufactured with combinations of existing technologies some of which will entertain and blow you away.

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