Té Russ A Spring Affair

author Té Russ
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isbn 9781329452312
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Though they've yet to meet face to face, Maya has had a secret crush on Xavier, the man who owns a wine café that the winery she works for distributes to. But being that Xavier is involved, she'd never reveal her feelings. Xavier's previous relationship has left him wrung out emotionally. Needing to get away for awhile, he decides to drive to Napa and visit the winery that produces one of the best selling wines at his café. And finally get the opportunity to meet the woman with the sweet little voice. One email and four little words stands to flip their love lives on its head and when Maya and Xavier meet for the first time, both are blindsided by the attraction they feel for one another. Springtime and wine make a beautiful backdrop for two people on a romantic journey to love...

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