Kenneth Kappelmann The Dragon Unknown. Hidden Magic Volume II

author Kenneth Kappelmann
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isbn 9781612968483
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Geoff stared over the harbor. He watched nearly 20 ships fight for their lives against eight young dragons, all using their sheets of fire and magic to completely belittle the small vessels. Then his eyes turned to the northern skies, the darkened bodies of hundreds of dragons nearly eclipsing the clear blue normally seen across the water. The overing beasts were all unleashing immeasurable power against the barrier around the city. The brilliant light emitting from the attack was almost blinding as the barrier somehow was holding. The large maneth bowed his head. “I remember the past. I remember five dragons leveling my village and all the forests around it. I remember the pain and suffering those five alone brought with them. But this, how can we...” For years, the companions have fought for their world. They have faced every danger imaginable. Much death has fallen in their wake, but now Schram Starland and his friends have come full circle. The magic held within Schram has finally begun to mature. His friends too have begun to understand that power which their weapons possess. Their trek is at its apex. Each has chosen a path, and follow it they must. The young dragons are here. Slayne is prepared. The war has begun and there is no turning back. The Hidden Magic will either save them or lead their world to death and destruction.

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