Richard L. Newell The World Within Book One

author Richard L. Newell
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isbn 9781304862839
Вес 439 г
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WELCOME TO ADVENTURE!Explore The World Within.Enter the unknown, and encounter amazing truths which may alter the way you perceive our planet, Earth.Discover a Subterranean Civilization which embodies and expresses many of the joys and values of Christian Living.THE WORLD WITHIN - BOOK ONEWalter finds a tunnel which leads from rural Appalachia to a city deep within the crust of the earth. He meets Lemulon, a giant of a man whose heart is as kindly and warm as the Shepherd he follows.Many heretofore unsolved mysteries of the universe are revealed to Walter as he explores a vast territory which, to us, is new and uncharted.The highlight of his subterranean travel culminates with a visit to a series of immense illuminated caverns which are inhabited by descendants of the ancient Incas of South America.Discover what happened to a fabulous treasure which the Spanish Conquistador, Pizarro demanded as ransom for the release of Atahualpa, the last great King of the Incan Civilization.

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