James L. Voris The Waters - Book One- The Valley

author James L. Voris
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isbn 9781847539731
Вес 577 г
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Geo is a handsome 25-year-old Italian want-a-be aristocrat of 1465 that pines for a chance to trade in the riches of the Far East. An old Arab offers him a secret map to China that is his chance to gain wealth and power. The map is his special ticket to an incredible valley, where life is extended thousands of years. He finds a fantastic love awaits, beyond anything he can imagine and in fourteen short years he fathers thousands of children. He learns to understand life, love and passion beyond the possessive, hurtful, demanding nature of "love" in the outside world. But, the gift of extended life carries a big price. As they drink "The Waters" all gradually become sterile. Aliens are the true reason for the sterility as well as extended life, but the aliens never came across a planet where sex is a means of procreation and they too must learn to co-exist in an open symbiotic relationship. Follow Geo in this thought stimulating and exciting sensual adventure in a place called "The Valley."

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