Catherine Beaudet King of the Rose - paperback

author Catherine Beaudet
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isbn 9781435738003
Вес 933 г
Высота упаковки 229 мм
Глубина упаковки 30 мм
Обложка Мягкая обложка
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King of the Rose - paperback version ------ Escaping from his dying homeland with a ragged band of refugees, Krin Caelestis Proeliator is thrust into a strange new land, pursued by a madman who wishes to kill him for reasons unknown. Once a child who beat the odds and survived in world that saw him as not worth the trouble, young Krin must learn to lead the band of refugees who reluctantly accepted him as one of their own, protect a lovely and spirited Princess who loves him dearly, save a land from pillagers bent on conquest and financial gain, and survive the relentless attacks of a rival band's leader who has a secret about Krin and his past that could shatter the boy's very soul.

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