Jack Blakeley Deliver Us from Evil

author Jack Blakeley
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isbn 9781445250243
Вес 356 г
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Cloe has finished university and decided to have a holiday to Thailand. She had had a wonderful day scuba diving and of an evening she was at a party aboard a luxury yacht. Pirates boarded the yacht, captured the women, ferried them to a cargo liner which transported them to Greece. Then by truck they journeyed overland to Prague and were sold at auction into the slavery; the sex trade. Tom Hawthorn, ex navy officer and assassin who had disappeared more than twenty years ago, resurfaces to find Cloe. Deliver Us From Evil takes the reader through the emotions and experiences of the two key characters; one desperate to survive and the prepared to kill. Blakeley is a great new writer; if you like James Kellerman, Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy, et al, you'll like this. "The best new writer of 2010" - Philip Ragan, Chargan.com

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