Sherrich Monsher Wolves in Suits

author Sherrich Monsher
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isbn 9781329899278
Вес 282 г
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Глубина упаковки 9 мм
Обложка Мягкая обложка
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Ladies, are you tired of thinking you found Mr. Right when you've really found Mr. Hell Nah, Mr. Never Again, or Mr. Lose My Damn Number? Are you fed up with guy's lies, schemes, and angles leaving you feeling bamboozled and taken advantage of? Are you starting to wonder if something is wrong with you as to why your love life keeps ending in disappointment? If your current dating methods are not effective, I'm sorry, Love; it's time to try something new! Wolves in Suits provides the rules for how to strategically stake your claim on the dating scene, find love grounded in truth and sincerity, and feel empowered to create a healthy relationship or leave a horrible one. Following the guidelines provided will enable you to distinguish a good man from a wolf. So, if you're tired of trying the same thing and getting the same results, play the role of an insane woman no more! Grab a glass of wine and your favorite blanket, snuggle into a comfy position, and begin changing your life today!

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