Ilene C. Wassernan, Beth Fisher-Yoshida Communicating Possibilities. A Brief Introduction to the Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM)

author Ilene C. Wassernan, Beth Fisher-Yoshida
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Communicating Possibilities exemplifies what it means to live one’s life in conversation—noticing details in moments of communication that matter and acting into them to enhance the chances of more desirable outcomes. The approach that Wasserman and Fisher-Yoshida articulate and demonstrate represents CMM’s radical approach to communication in general and turn-taking in particular. Rather than focusing on the cues that enable smooth turn-taking, they argue for interjecting turns that make a difference. This is turn-making at its best.”~ Arthur Jensen, Syracuse UniversityThe treatment of CMM offered by Wasserman and Fisher-Yoshida in Communicating Possibilities is one of, if not the, best short introductions now available. It provides a strong focus on what makes CMM a distinctive way to understand communication. Its examples are clear and I expect readily understood by students, teachers, and practitioners. I am particularly impressed by the way the authors have shown the connection between “cosmopolitan communication” and the other features of CMM theory. Given the present political situation that is surely an important contribution. ~ Vernon Cronen, University of North Carolina; UMASS Amherst.This much-needed volume, Communicating Possibilities, provides an illuminating introduction to a ground-breaking theory of communication. Pearce and Cronen’s ideas on the Coordinated Management of Meaning virtually transformed our conception of human communication. Most importantly, th...

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