Dlip Sarwate Indian Caes In B2B Marketing

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The Case Study method has been widely accepted as a pedagogy in management schools all over the world. It gives a practical exposure to students and helps them in applying various management tools and techniques to offer possible solutions. Further, Case Analysis of B2B marketing provides a useful means of understanding how strategy and practice in this key area is different from customer-centered marketing. The cases, if taken seriously, can give students exposure to a variety of problems which they can never have in their entire career. The case method brings out the importance of gathering information, analytical skills and most importantly, working in teams. Following this approach, this book has been written to introduce the basic concepts of B2B marketing, explain the features of the Case Method and present cases from industry that illustrate key topics such as marketing planning and strategy formulation, benchmarking, positioning strategy, and individual versus organizational priorities in the larger context of Organizational Behaviour. By presenting a wide variety of cases that cover the spectrum of B2B marketing, this book has been written to address the gap in availability of case studies for students and practitioners.

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