Robert Collier, Dr Robert C. Worstell Robert Collier Copywriting Course - Masters of Marketing Secrets. Learn to Write Sales Letters That Pay

author Robert Collier, Dr Robert C. Worstell
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WHAT is there about some letters that makes them so much more effective than others?A letter may have perfect diction, a finished style; it may bristle with attention-getters and interest-arousers; it may follow every known rule; yet when it reaches where the reader sits and decides its fate, it may find itself in a wastebasket, while something lacking any polish, picks up the bacon and walks home with it. Why?People will give, when you have stirred their emotions. People will invest, when you have aroused their cupidity. And people want to know the future, so if you can persuade them that you are any sort of Prophet, they will buy your forecasting.It all comes back to the point we made in the beginning-""What do they want?"" What is the bait that will attract your fish and make them bite? Find that-and you will be as successful in bringing back orders as any angler can be with a properly baited hook in bringing in the fish.Get your copy today and learn the Masters of Marketing Secrets!

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