Dr Robert C. Worstell, J. George Frederick How to Write Ad Copy That Works - Masters of Marketing Secrets. A Course in Classic Copywriting

author Dr Robert C. Worstell, J. George Frederick
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isbn 9781312137981
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As you are reading this, you are obviously interested in how Marketing actually works and what is actually effective. You already have been through the wringer with all these online marketers who use the same copy-paste template of a sales page, with mailing lists which send you unwanted traffic several times a week and insist that you are stupid enough to believe their hype, over and over and over.The Masters of Marketing Secrets series brings you these classics so that you can make up your own mind. All that has been done with these books is to give you modern versions of them which have been (mostly) cleaned up of typo's and poor editing - and also made available in ebook and paperback so you can study them at your leisure. J. George Frederick lived in those times and wrote about the people and principles of advertising they discovered. His book has been handed around for years, and as you study the other books in this series it starts pulling the pieces together for you.

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