Dr Robert C. Worstell, Victor O. Schwab How to Write a Good Ad - Masters of Marketing Secrets. A Short Course in Copywriting

author Dr Robert C. Worstell, Victor O. Schwab
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isbn 9781312100237
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""Most advertising copywriters know their fundamentals. Many of us practice them. Some of us should get back to them. ""Whether one is now studying to go into the field of copywriting, whether he is new in the craft, or whether he has been a practitioner in it for years, his knowledge-and practice-of these fundamentals will determine the extent of his success. ""As Daniel Defoe said, 'An old and experienced pilot loses a ship by his assurance and over-confidence of his knowledge as effectively as the young pilot does by his ignorance and want of experience.'""So this book will strip down to fundamentals, try to forget the furbelows. For, as time goes on, every line of creative work gets cluttered up with impressive jargon and off-the-beam technicalities, with professional palaver that strays far away from the main objective."" Get your copy today - and learn the secrets of writing ads from the Masters...

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