Tams Farkas, Tamas Farkas The Investor.s Guide to the Energy Revolution

author Tams Farkas, Tamas Farkas
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isbn 9781409202851
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This book is for two types of people. First, it's for all those who are interested in today's energy issues. Second, for those who consider investing in the energy industry. The author, an independent thinker and experienced international investor, explains in a clear, concise way the role of the different energy sources in the developed societies - and why an Energy Revolution is inevitable. The book presents different alternatives for the challenges ahead and assesses their long-term viability with full pragmatism. The author provides a unique investment approach, and shows with the aid of many real-life examples how to use it for making important investment decisions with confidence. You will also learn how to invest successfully during recessions and find recession-proof energy stocks. Whether you are a new, or an experienced investor - or just curious about oil and energy - you will learn a great deal from this book.

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