Narcyz Roztocki Business Analytics. Step-by-Step Tutorial

author Narcyz Roztocki
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Business Analytics refers to utilizing existing data to make business decisions. Often, however, the decision-makers lack the knowledge and skill to process the existing documents and retrieve information that is useful for their decision-making. The objective of this tutorial is to improve basic skills on how to process existing data by providing a collection of simplified, but realistic, hands-on-examples. In essence, this tutorial is a collection of business mini cases. It starts with relatively simple cases and then progresses step-by-step by adding complexity to each of the following business cases. Its intent is to encourage effective and efficient use of application software to help the decisions-makers.There are three major changes to the second edition. First, several additional mini case studies are added. Second, the case studies are rearranged to allow a more systematic progress. Third, in addition to a solution key, detailed solutions to 35 exercises by using MS Excel are added.

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